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Cat Yoga In Guide Post

Our classes balance calming the mind, improving flexibility and strengthening the body with asana (the yoga poses) and pranayama (breath technique). At the same time, you can enjoy the uplifting presence of our lovely cats, Thomas and Tay.

We provide Hatha flow classes in which you move through asana with your breath, giving your practise extra impact.

Thomas and Tay may lounge in the background, wander between the mats during our flows, or come up for a nuzzle.

Downward Dog
Side Angle Pose

We aim to tailor to your needs to help you reconnect with your body so you can find what feels good for you. We focus on your form, adapt for what your body needs and help you to advance within your practise, both physically and spiritually.

Learning to calm your mind and relax your body on the mat will help you to live more mindfully and de-stress off the mat.

Spaces are limited to 3 per class to allow us to provide a personalised yoga journey for you, so early booking is recommended.

Sleeping Cats

Although Thomas and Tay are friendly, socialable and curious cats who don't like missing out on any action, there may be days where they will wander off to a secluded area of the studio and not be present for some or all of a class. We know that you will understand that it's their decision and we can't control where they want to be. We only want to do what is best for our cats.

Of course, there will always be the opportunity to feed a few treats to Thomas and Tay at the end of a class. And, we know they would never miss out on food.

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