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Cat Yoga

About Yoga Blossoms

Yoga Blossoms in Guide Post offer Hatha yoga classes for all abilities. Our cat yoga focusses on getting a bit bendier, and becoming calm and peaceful while enjoying the presence of two lovely cats.

Our classes provide a personalised journey for you to get the most out of your yoga practise. Whether you have been doing yoga for a while or are a complete beginner, we will adapt for where you are at each moment, while helping you to advance within your practise.

Pigeon Pose
Bound Angle Tay

Our Goal

At Yoga Blossoms, we want you to be able to take away the physical and mental health benefits of yoga to help you bloom into your best self.


Our classes aim to strengthen your body, improve your flexibility, and de-stress your mind with poses, breathing techniques and cats!

About Cassie

Cassie Yoga Teacher

I have been practising yoga for many years, first discovering it in 2012, when I was introduced to the joy it can bring. I love how even the simple moves in yoga can be a rewarding workout. I am in such a better place after learning, through yoga, how to work with my breath to lessen anxiety and find calmness. After struggling with work, I let yoga support me; no matter how low, stressed or upset I get, attending a yoga class always brightens my mood.
I am qualified as a Yoga Alliances Professionals accredited teacher. I became a yoga teacher to be able to share my love for yoga, so that you can also cherish the benefits yoga can bring. My classes will allow you to stretch, strenghten and relax in a happy environment, encouraging you to flourish into the best you.

Silly Thomas


Meet The Cats

Thomas and Tay were adopted together from Cats Protection in November 2020. The previous owner didn’t know that much about them. They were said to be about one and a half years old, are house cats and are believed to be brothers.


Thomas and Tay both love cuddling up on knees and snuggling under blankets. Their favourite toy is a soft ball which they can bat around and carry in their mouth. They especially love feeding time, and they make sure we know by meowing as soon as food is out the cupboard and until it's placed in their bowls.

Adorable Tay



Thomas is a boisterous boy. He sometimes dashes around the house but other times he flops down anywhere and everywhere that you’d be surprised that he’s active at all. He loves attention and appreciates strokes all the time. He enjoys to walk around and under you while practising yoga. If Tay is getting attention, he is sure to come trotting along so that he doesn’t miss out. Thomas has a heart murmur, but you wouldn’t be able to tell; he lives his life fully and he is a very happy boy.

Snug Cat


Tay is such a cutie. He makes the most adorable sounds if you surprise him with a stroke. He also uses his little ‘mrrr’ sounds as momentum when jumping or getting ready to run up the stairs. Tay has a loud purr, and in his absolute content mode, you may find a bit of dribble comes out his mouth. Although Thomas is the greedy one when it comes to wet food, Tay is one speedy cat for dry food, and likes to steal Thomas'. Tay loves to sleep on top of you snuggled under a blanket. He's just too lovely.

Lounging Cat

“Cassie has a calm and considered class which will leave you relaxed and chilled out. The class is the perfect blend of challenge and deep rest.”


Get in Touch

Classes are held at 4 Gladewell Court, Guide Post, Choppington, NE62 5YY, UK

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Reclined Pigeon
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